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2015 Knothole Fees 


Age as of May 1st 

of present year

Team Fee
7 D Instructional. $675 (league fee) + (GMAA fee)
8 D JR $865 (league fee) + (GMAA fee)
9 D SR $865 (league fee) + (GMAA fee)
10 C JR $895 (league fee) + (GMAA fee)
11 C SR $895 (league fee) + (GMAA fee)
12 B JR $995 (league fee) + (GMAA fee)
13 B SR $1,095 (league fee) + (GMAA fee)
14 A JR $1,295 (league fee) + (GMAA fee)
15 A SR $1,295 (league fee) + (GMAA fee)
16 - 18 AA $510 (league fee) + (GMAA fee)



  1. Milford Knothole Manager’s Requirements: The following need completed each season prior to being issued a practice field or a game schedule.

    1.   All returning or aspiring MYBA managers need to complete Manager’s Application Form.

    2.   All MYBA managers and up to two assistant coaches are required to complete the 2015 Background Check Information 

    3.   All managers are to renew or initiate their membership with NYSCA. Login or Sign Up By Clicking Here... when you have completed the certification please contact Glen Olson with the information

    4.   All league fees, including GMAA fee, are to be paid by the pre-season Spring Manager’s Meeting (date to be determined).

Click on the above link for information pertaining to Clermont Co. Knothole...Items include: City and County Rules, Game Results, Schedules, Standings, Administrative Contacts and Opposing Manager Contacts.  Division 1 and AA information can also be found here.

Make-Up Game Request

In the event that a game needs to be rescheduled the home team is responsible to contact the Field Scheduler.  Prior to contacting the Field Scheduler BOTH COACHES NEED TO AGREE ON A COUPLE OF DATES TO MAKE UP THE GAME. These dates are to be included with the request.  All requests need to be submitted a minimum of 48 hours in advance of the requested day to make up the game.  This allows time to schedule umpires and prepare the fields.  In the event that a game needs to be cancelled on the day of the game please contact the Field Scheduler, Umpire Coordinator and Field Crew.


In order to request a Make-Up game, you must click on this "Make-Up Game Request"   link to submit a request to the field scheduler. Using this web link will expedite the process.   The field scheduler will contact you as soon as possible.

You will be asked to supply the following info:

Team Name:
Manager Name:
Age Group/League:
Requester Name:
Requester Contact Number:
Requester Email address:
Game Date Requested:
Game Time Requested:


Failure to provide complete information may delay your make-up request.


Frequently Asked Q & A’s:


Q:        Who do I make my team’s check to & when is it due?

A:         Checks for Knothole League Fees should be made payable to MYBA. They are to be turned in along with an “official” signed team roster and player contracts at the annual Spring Managers meeting (held early March). To assist with record keeping issues…Please make all payments through the Knothole Coordinator. Any short payments must be approved by MYBA’s Administrative Board. These may include sponsor donations or a Community transfer.

Q:        Do I need a release for any players on my team?

A:         If any player from your team resides outside of the Milford School Dist., you will need a release for them. There are two different releases…

1.      In County – This release is requested for any player that resides within District 45N (Clermont Co.) but not within Milford’s Franchise. An “In County” release only has to be granted once and does not need to be renewed each season. This release is handled between the involved Franchise Reps.

2.      Out of District – Any player from your team that resides outside of Clermont Co. will need to fill out an “Out of District” release form. This form can be obtained from your Franchise Rep. and must be signed by the District Supervisors from both involved districts. This release needs to be requested each new season.

Both these processes are very painless but if not obtained, can cause forfeits for your team if protested.

Q:        Is there a time limit for my games?

A:         As long as either team can still be declared a winner, there is NO time limit for the game to be completed. The only instance in which there is a “time limit” is once the game has become official (one team has been defeated, mathematically) and both teams agree to finish out the remaining innings. In this situation, the remaining innings must be completed within two hours of games start time.

Q:        Which days are my games usually played?

A:         See the following chart for game days. Note: Games are “usually” played on these days and times but due to scheduling conflicts and field availability, there could be slight variations. Weekday games begin at 6 or 6:30pm. Saturday times are listed with each class. Please pay close attention to your schedule created by CCKB.

                        A Sr.                Monday – Wednesday – Friday

                        A Jr.                 Monday – Friday

                        B Sr.                Tuesday – Saturday (4:00pm)

                        B Jr.                 Thursday – Saturday (4:00pm)

                        C Sr.                Monday – Saturday (1:00pm)

                        C Jr.                 Thursday – Saturday (1:00pm)

                        D Sr.                Wednesday – Saturday (10:00am)

                        D Jr.                 Tuesday – Saturday (10:00am)

                        D Inst.              Wednesday or Friday (depends on division)




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